Purolator BOSS®

Protect your family from harmful pollutants

With PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness

The leading filter manufacturer has joined forces with a well-known brand in odor elimination to bring you PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness. Experience the benefits of this powerful combination for yourself.

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The odor-eliminating power of Febreze, now for your vehicle.

Learn how the triple-layered technology of the PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filter works to keep the air inside of your car clean and odor free.

Cabin air filter installation is so easy, a 5-year-old can do it. See for yourself.

The numbers don't lie when it comes to replacing your cabin air filter.

The number of hours the typical American spends in their vehicle each year.

more pollutants
The amount of contaminated air that can be found inside your vehicle vs. fresh, outside air.

How many Americans suffer from symptoms related to airborne allergies.

The percentage of all vehicle climate problems that are caused by a blocked cabin air filter.

The percentage of new vehicles on the road that come equipped with cabin air filters. To work effectively, they must be changed periodically.

That’s how often it’s recommended you should change your home furnace filter to ensure good air quality in your home, but what about the air quality inside of your vehicle?

Experience PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters

Blocks and controls odors with the power of Febreze.

Unscented so that fresh, clean – not perfumed – air flows through the vehicle.

Prevents unhealthy, odor-causing bacteria and mold growth.

Filters out fine dust particles, dirt, soot, pollen and other allergens before they get a chance to enter the vehicle's cabin.

See how our premium cabin air filters help keep unwanted substances out of your car. *Mother-in-law not included*

Check out this video to see how they keep out (almost) everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal performance, we recommend changing your cabin air filter every 12 months. In harsher driving environments, you may want to change it more frequently.

There are many reasons you should change your cabin air filter. First, all of the particles and contaminants that your filter collects from the outside air can clog up the filter, preventing it from working efficiently. Additionally, cabin air filters play an instrumental role in your vehicle’s heating, air and defroster systems. The moisture naturally contained in these systems can lead to mold and bacteria buildup on typical cabin air filters. To keep your HVAC system operating properly, it’s best to replace these filters.

Usually, a cabin air filter is located behind the glove box, or beneath the dashboard on the passenger side. Installation of the PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filter is easy and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

We wouldn’t want you to have to wash off all of the dirt and debris that your cabin air filter effectively traps. Instead, you simply replace our easy-to-install cabin air filter every 12 months or so for optimum performance.

Our product uses the odor-eliminating power of Febreze to neutralize odors inside your vehicle so that fresh — not perfumed — air flows throughout your vehicle’s cabin.

Yes, the filter’s charcoal carbon layer is especially designed to absorb smoke.

We love the color yellow anyway, but it just so happens to be the color of the filter’s special anti-microbial layer, which works to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

About Purolator

Since inventing the oil filter back in 1923, Purolator has steadfastly remained the leading company in the automotive filtration industry. We ensure that each and every filter leaving the production floor has been manufactured according to our high quality standards, while our dedicated Advanced Technology focuses on creating innovative solutions for the future of filtration technology. Today, Purolator has more than 2,000 oil, air and cabin air filtration part numbers for automotive, light truck and heavy-duty applications.